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Clarence Smith and Mike English formed a partnership late in 2004 with the goal of establishing a line of Treeing Feist.  These dogs are to be big enough to have the endurance to hunt hard and deep while small enough to retain the unique abilites of the Feist dogs.  We believe that we are on the right track.  We are located in Michigan and all our contact info is given below. 

Why Treeing Feist?

Mike says...When I began looking for a squirrel dog the Treeing Feist wasn't my first choice.  I'd been around a few smaller dogs (not Treeing Feist) and didn't like the little yappy dogs.  I went with a  Mt. Cur and she didn't work out.  In that time I had the opportunity to hunt with Lavan McDaniel and David Osborne and their Treeing Feist.  I found that I really liked them and shortly had a pup out of David's dogs.  That little dog got killed by a car but I'd been bitten by the bug.  I love the Treeing Feist because they are hard charging, busy, and use all their senses to find the squirrel.  For my purposes and style of hunting they are the perfect match for me.


Clarence says...While many of my earliest memories are of squirrel hunting with my dad and a feist squirrel dog, when I got back into dogs, I had no real preference other than I wanted to hunt the best type of squirrel dog that I could find.   As part of this process, I did some research and went and bought pups from the best  lines of dogs that I could find and trained them.   I made my decision to hunt the bigger, hard going treeing feists because they are very focused, go as deep as they need to find a squirrel, and hunt with all of their senses.   In addition, these dogs are relatively easy to train and, in general, it is not too difficult to find one of these dogs that will tree and stay treed.   In the end, they suit me and my expectation to get the job done.



Excelling in competition and in the field!

Above is Bad River Buster Brown and Tygart Creek Trig with their UKC 1st place trophies.  These trophies were won in back to back hunts.  On the day pictured Trig took first place and Buster took 2nd!  Buster is now a UKC SQ Champion and Trig is sure to follow this season.


Below is Pedro's Nini and Tygart Creek Trig with a two man limit of Michigan squirrels from an early 2006 squirrel hunt.  Nini is out of Oxford's Pedro and Trig is heavy Cadilac Jack bred.


Clarence Smith:

Home (248) 627-5272 

Cell (248) 866-8021

Email taccsmith@aol.com


Mike English:

Home (989) 862-5191



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